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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you make your comics?
A: For Digital Insanity I use MS Paint and Adobe Photoshop.
I use Adobe Photoshop and my Cintiq 12wx for Chaoz Dynasty and Tales of Auristria.

Q: When will Digital Insanity end?
A: I have not quite decided when Digital Insanity will come to a close, but I have planned on how it will end and how the spin-off will start.

Q: Who are the Characters based off of?
A: Originally, the characters were loosely based off of some friends of mine but they have slowly developed their own personalities in the Comic.

Q: How often do you update?
A: I currently have a set schedule for Monday through Friday for Digital Insanity.
I do not have a set reboot for Tension Spark or Tales of Auristria.

Q: How long does it take you to create a new character or background in Digital Insanity?
A: Oh boy, it really depends on the poses and hair styles. If I haven't created the pose yet, then it will take anywhere between 45 mins and a hour or two for one single pose.
Backgrounds, depending on how much detail I want to put into it, depending on what it's going to be used for, can take anywhere between a few minutes and an hour or two.

Q: How long does it take to do a Digital Insanity strip?
A: It all depends on what's happening in the strip and whether or not I need to make new poses or backgrounds for it. If I have all the things I need in order to do the actual strip (backgrounds, etc.), I'd say it probably takes me at the most, 30-45 mins to complete it. If I need to make the poses and backgrounds then it takes me a lot longer.

Q: You're backgrounds have started getting more detailed.
A: I've really started putting a lot more effort into the backgrounds, and I've started to try and give the characters a new look to further make the comic look better than it's counterparts of the same genre. I've rebooted the looks a few times over the past and they just get better with each revamp. I do occasionally use extremely simple backgrounds when I'm feeling simplistic and don't need a lot to add to the certain strip.

Q: You suck.
A: Nom nom.

Q: Will you link to my comic?
A: Currently we have paid advertising but depending on the circumstances we can probably work something out to have a small link added to the site. In exchange for a link or image of ours, of course.

Q: Do you do all the comics and writing yourself?
A: Yes. Currently, I do all the spriting, photoshoping and writing for all the currently updated comics on Linkz World. On a VERY rare occasion I will get a guest comic or a comic arc written by someone else. I am of course very supportive of guest strips and cross-overs.

Q: Can I be part of the Comic?
A: If you mean write for it, then sure. If you can come up with a pretty neat arc I can give you credit for it when it's made.
If you mean as a character in the Comic, that's probably unlikely.
But also, like I said before, I support guest strips so if you have yourself in comic-form in your guest strip, then be my guest!