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History of Linkz World

2011 to Present

Currently, Linkz World is used to host webcomics, art and animation created by Lienx and the team. All older short lived comics are gone except for the newer reboots such as Tension Spark and Digital Insanity. Lienx and Vessol, Mindstorm and Vortex, Tales of Auristria, Chaoz Dynasty and Team eXtreme are no longer available for viewing.

2009 to 2010

Linkz, now known as Lienx began the new Linkz World Entertainment site and started hosting random blog entries and webcomics made by a few members of the Linkz World team.


In 2003 to 2006 Linkz World Entertainment was no longer used as a topsite and webring and was used to host Linkz' gaming clan and personal website. He also had a few html templates and programs that he created and loaded up on the site to download for free by users to use for their clans and gaming.

Linkz also started to host Gaming Tournaments on a regular basis for a few of his favorite games. Alongside his new Linkz World Tournaments; Linkz created a program in C++ called LwTourny Pro. In which he used to host gaming tournaments for a few games on MSN Zone. He released a copy of his program to players so they were able to host their own Tournaments. Because of the popularity of the program he released two new versions, v2.0 and v3.0

In 2006 alot of games were no longer supported and the Zone had lost alot of players including Linkz World and his staff and Linkz felt that Linkz World was no longer needed and shut the site down. You were still able to find copies of his Tourny Pro v3 on a few clan websites for a few games such as Ants and Age of Empires.


In 2001 Linkz World was renamed to Linkz World Gaming and Entertainment. It was used not only as a topsite list and webring but was also a host of Linkz' own Clan and Gaming pages.


Linkz World started out as a topsite list and linking web ring for clans and guilds on MSN Gaming Zone. It got it's name because of Lienx (then known as Linkz). It being his "world" he dedicated to bringing gamers together.